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9 Perfect Strangers You can see it on Amazon Prime Video! If you are curious about the ending explanation of episode 7, please read on! Perfect Nine Season 1 Episode 7 begins with Marsha recalling painful memories of her past. My daughter was hit by a speeding vehicle while riding her bicycle. This plunges Masha into a vortex of deep sorrow. Carmel slaps Marsha in the face with a fist, bringing him back to reality.

Nine Perfect Stranger Episode 7 Ending Description

Yao with blood on his face intervenes and binds Carmel to the ground. As they leave the area, Francis begins to panic. Tony senses this and proposes to leave here together. As he begins to sing the book’s prose, Tony suddenly transforms into a long hair and a white gown. Yes, this is all a big sight when the treatment starts to get your hands on it. If you have questions about: 9 Perfect Strangers Episode 7 and especially about End, we tell you everything!

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 Ending Description

at End of episode 7 of Perfect Nine, Carmel goes back to Masha and reveals that one of her eyes is cloudy and blue, and Masha sees a brief flashback of the bullet she is holding. receive. Carmel turned out to be the one who shot and almost killed Masha a few years ago.

The person Masha sees in the flashback scene is the one who attacked her, and her eyes are blurry. The fact that he also saw Carmel pull out his phone from his bedroom hideout tells us that this unexpected man from the Tranquillum house has been sending these threatening messages to Masha over and over again.

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Carmel is perhaps obsessed with a desire for revenge, as Marsha did years ago when she slept with her husband and led him down the road that led him to abandon him. She says she forgives Masha, but Carmel has been planning her revenge for years, and it appears that she has attempted to kill Masha in the past.

She also appears to be in control of her abilities and probably bluffed when she attacked Masha and claimed that she had hallucinated being a Lillian. Marconi struggles as Marsha’s behavior becomes increasingly dangerous and unethical.

Both Napoleon and Heather had particularly strong reactions to hallucinogens in the past, and all three were afraid of ingesting the potent mixture. There are many things that can go wrong. Of course, there is also a small chance that Masha is right and Marconi experiences Zach’s hallucinations.

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