One of Turkey’s premier Argalga drama series about a glorious map of Turkey that ruled three continents for 600 years and a Muslim empire. Muslims around the world have never expressed their beliefs, values, or religion, especially in the last 50 years. In the last 50 years, major Hollywood films have had no room for Muslim culture, values, and their beliefs. This is where Turkey offers the youth of the Muslim world an opportunity to show the rich history of the Turkish Empire. The glorious reign of the Turkish Empire. Loved every detail and, most importantly, the dedication, talent and skill of the actor. Turkey should make more Artgal Ghazi dramas like this.

You can watch Complete All in HD.

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TRT Ertugrul Ghazi Dubbed BY PTV

I absolutely love this series. I am Turkish by birth but have been living in Oz since I immigrated with my family as a baby in the late 60s. I’ve always been interested in where my ancestors and my people came from, and of course I asked my parents about it, but I heard childhood stories that didn’t help much. Turks and Turks migrated from Central Asia to Anatolia and many other places. The show portrays a lot of drama well with great actors, scenes, costumes and all the great directing, and it uses well-placed cameras for its viewers, making for a truly international TV series.
Cheers to those of you who have been waiting too long (a lot) for the next season to know it’s over.

If you are interested in Islamic history, documentaries, and true events, you will be amazed by the quality of this Ertu Gruul series. Now I am not surprised how the Ottoman Empire stood for more than six centuries. It’s more addictive, intense, and much richer than Game of Thrones or Money Heist. The vision of the writers, directors and actors in telling this story is clear. Excellent production, good and solid storyline. All actors and actors are reliable and competent for their roles. great work of art


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