XGIMI Halo: The projector at the heart of this small project.

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The pandemic has brought so many changes to many people. Friends who used to visit each other without any worries in the world had to avoid social contact or wear the equivalent of 2020 hazmat suits.

We thought vaccination would eliminate the need for attention and isolation. It was for a few weeks in late spring and early summer. However, the delta strain has become the dominant species, the viral load between individuals has increased by orders of magnitude, and masks and social distancing have resumed.

Experts say that even if Delta is airborne, people who are fully vaccinated are less likely to get serious COVID-19. However, epidemiologists define it as serious and life-threatening. A breakthrough infection is very likely. Even if they won’t get you to the hospital, they can make you very sick for a very, very long time.

So, my wife and I decided to proceed with caution. This includes wearing a mask, social distancing, and not gathering indoors with friends.

get the light back

Last week my wife decided there had to be a better way. Missing her and her best friend twilight Movies – all 5 twilight Movie (!) — Together. again. Why do you only do this during this time?

The weather in Oregon right now is perfect. There will be three to six weeks (probably close to three weeks) before Oregon is cold and rainy.

Denise recalled that in June I included some entertainment products in my Father’s Day 2021 gift guide. One was the XGIMI Halo Projector.

Like most of the products I’ve reviewed already, this one was waiting to be included in articles inspired by other projects or donated to a local maker space or school in general. Denise suggested running XGIMI and seeing how it works with a plague-inspired outdoor theater setting.

The plan was simple. Point the projector at the back porch wall. Denise’s friend sat next to the projector, and Denise sat opposite the projector about six feet away.

They can watch a movie together, but they are socially distant and safe. The two decided to wear masks after sitting a sufficient distance from each other without watching a movie. My wife and her boyfriend are both vaccinated, but the Delta strain is scary enough that mask precautions seem reasonable enough. Even outside.

outdoor theater construction

Setup was fairly simple. We ordered a standalone projection screen for outdoor use for about $50 (with coupon). But it did not arrive on time. So Denise unwrapped the white shower curtain liner in the guest bathroom and attached it to the veranda wall.

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shower curtain screen
shower tray. Movie screen. it’s a shower and movie screen.

She mounted the projector on a tripod and weighed it on a hook for added stability. The projector pdsally focuses (my wife said it was a huge help), so all I had to do was move the tripod and make some adjustments to get the video to work and project onto the curtain.

XGIMI runs Android TV and for some reason Netflix didn’t work well without some sort of solution. Instead of trying to figure out how to implement a workaround, she rummaged through my repository of review items again. This time it was for the Fire TV Stick 4K recommended in the same Father’s Day gift guide.

The Fire TV Stick connects directly to the HDMI port on the back of the XGIMI. Halo’s built-in USB port didn’t provide enough power, so she had to power the stick separately. But all she had to do was log in to her Amazon account, download Netflix to her Fire TV, and log in to Netflix.

A dissection of the pandemic-safe and socially-distancing outdoor vampire movie viewing experience.

The sound quality of the Halo was good enough for outdoor use in the backyard. So, my wife and boyfriend sat down with a shower curtain, a projector, a fire TV stick, an extension cord, two chairs, and a bundle of cookies. twilight — For the first time since the pandemic, we were able to see a movie together.

As a result, they had an added advantage to the film on the outside, especially since they plan to work on all five films in the next few weeks. They won’t use our indoor entertainment center TV because they can’t see inside. ~ no twilight-Relevant.

So, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, we discovered a small silver screen. prevent me from experiencing twilight In bloody glory, like all the scary vampire werewolves of your teens.

The XGIMI Halo Projector itself is a bit pricey at around $800. However, Amazon offers a 1080p projector for just $149 (note: I haven’t tested the projector in the link). Shower curtains are less than $7. Most people have tripods or tables and our pair was $30. Fire TV and Roku sticks are available for around $30.

So, for less than $200, including a projector, streaming stick, and temporary screen, you can set up an outdoor theater and have fun with friends. Friends with this attitude will be able to spend time together in the midst of an ever-evolving epidemic if they pay attention to social distancing and masking.

Do you? How can you create a little mediocrity in this crazy COVID world? And what movie to watch next? twilight? Let us know in the comments below.

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