BBC One has released a new teaser and new photos for the thriller Ridley Road, based on the acclaimed novel by Joe Bloom.

Starring Rory Kinnear and Eddie Marsan, the series is set in a shaky 1960s London we’ve never seen before: the East End world where fascism is rising. But with Vivien Epstein’s lover in danger and she must undercover to save him, Vivien must infiltrate the Nazis for her country.

Sarah Solemani, who spent a lot of time researching, wrote the script for the drama. “This bond is closer and more alive than we would like to believe,” Solemani said in a statement.

“The good news is that we have been fighting for a long time. “Joe Bloom’s fascinating book showcases the dark side of London in the 1960s and the remarkable contribution of the Jewish community to the fight against racism,” said Bloom. It’s an honor to be able to bring this little-known British history to the screen with RED and the BBC, and we look forward to the future.”

One’s Ridley Road – When is it coming out?

According to a recent tweet from the BBC Press Office, it said it would come “soon”. The series will definitely launch later this year, if not sooner.

BBC One's Ridley Road – Details on release date, casting members and plot

One’s Ridley Road – Who’s Casting?

The new talent Agnes O’Casey stars as Vivien. And former EastEnders’ Tracy Ann Oberman stars as Soly Malinovsky and Nancy Malinovsky. Tamzin Outhwaite as Barbara Watson, Rory Kinnear as Colin Jordan and Gabriel Akududike as Stevie. Danny Sykes, Samantha Spiro and Hannah Traylen round out the cast.

One’s Ridley Road – What’s the plot?

‘Ridley Road’ tells the story of a British Jewish family fighting the rise of neo-nazism in London after World War II. Vivian Epstein (Agnes O’Casey), a 20-year-old Jewish hairdresser from Manchester, arrives in London after her father’s death in the summer of 1962. salon .

Vivian is looking for Jack Fox, a man with a short but intense relationship a few months ago and wants to find him. Fascism is reviving in London’s East End, where her search led her to Ridley Road, where the Jewish community fought street fights.


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