Removing Optimus Prime makes Bumblebee the second best-known Autobot. The outstanding leader, Optimus Prime, symbolizes the kindness and courage of a man. It has a noble image, but makes it far from impossible. On the other hand, his longtime comrade and best friend, Bumblebee, serves to balance Prime’s imposing figure. “Bumblebee” is more human than any other Autobot or Deception. As a result, fans of the character begged him to be a good film.

We’ve seen 5 Michael Bay movies so far and they all have Bumblebees. Nevertheless, as the film progresses, Bumblebee deserves a better fate. Released in 2017, Transformers: The Last Knight failed and the studio had to rethink its strategy for the future of the franchise.

The story of Optimus Prime is so emphasized in this film that it was a good idea to portray Bumblebee’s journey in a more realistic tone. It is no coincidence that in the world of Transformers, the first undirected film directed by Michael Bay received the highest ratings in the world. Bumblebee’s solo film was led by Travis Knight on “Kubo and Two Strings” and the results are delightful.

Travis Knight, who skillfully handles character’s emotions rather than Michael Bay’s ‘explosive’ tone, made ‘Bumblebee’ the best live-action ‘Transformers’ movie ever. Although it grossed over $450 million and was not as successful as its predecessor Bay’s films, it received huge critical acclaim, prompting the filmmakers to make another film. When it comes to “Bumblebee 2”, you must first understand what happened in “Bumblebee”.

When is the release date?

The release date of ‘Bumblebee 2’ has not been revealed yet. Casting has not been confirmed as filming has not yet begun. “Bumblebee 2” could be released on October 1, 2021 as Paramount has slots for a joint venture with Hasbro.

Who will cast?

Whether they plan to reveal more about Charlie’s life has yet to be said, but on behalf of the fans, we can say that Hailee Steinfeld will need permission to bring Charlie back from the dead. It is no exaggeration to say that she is one of the most memorable characters in the film. Burns, played by John Cena, is also expected to return as both artists have expressed interest in returning. In his usual role in the famous Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen will lend his voice. The rest of the cast are still airing. It would be a shame if someone other than Travis Knight directed the film.

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expected story line

Due to the popularity and success of ‘Bumblebee’, there are endless opportunities ahead of us. ‘Bumblebee’, a kind of prequel/spinoff, was made around the same time period. Currently, a direct sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’ is being developed, adding to the confusion. As a result, despite many criticisms, the creators do not put the chronicle of the original work.

‘Bumblebee 2’ explores the period after the first bumblebee. A sort of reunion took place between Optimus Prime and other Autobots on Earth, including Bumblebee. However, if there are too many ‘primes’ in ‘Bumblebee 2’, the charm of Bumblebee may decrease. In terms of the two main Autobots and their chemistry, we expect Travis Knight to excel.

In the movie, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime go on a new mission together. As Charlie, Steinfeld did a fantastic job, and it would have been a mistake if the producers hadn’t invited her.

Much of the sequel will focus on exploration. We try to imagine what Charlie does after such a shocking series of events. We sympathize with Bumblebee’s plight, but we are equally curious about the fate of Optimus Prime after Cybertron’s death. In the following we will find answers to all these questions and much more. Bumblebee 2 rejects producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s desire to add more ‘Bayhem’ and instead focuses on providing a powerful, immersive floor.


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