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Cardi B reacted to an article in Rolling Stone that suspected the artist as ‘queervating’. The list also included Cardi B due to the release of a hot new music video for her and Normani’s ‘Wild Side’. The singer tagged Rolling Stone on Twitter and said, “Did you know we tried to completely hide the baby bump?”

Cardi B

To non-professionals, queervating is a term used to describe a phenomenon that suggests that heterosexual artists engage in same-sex attraction in order to woo an LGBTQ audience. But Cardi reminded the world that she is openly bisexual.

In a series of tweets, Cardi raised concerns about the team “queer bait” and expressed his dislike for the term. One tweet tweeted, “Umm @RollingStone queer bait? You know we tried to hide the whole baby bump? Also, I’m married to a man, but I’ve expressed too much of my bisexuality and my experiences with women.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist said, “I don’t like this new word ‘queer seduction’. It seems to be putting pressure on artists to feel uncomfortable talking about their sexuality or their experiences. For artists
The girl in the video means you have to show the video and text.
other girls?”

Cardi B teases the announcement with the Bollywood song Kaliyon Ka Chaman playing in the background.Cardi B teases the presentation with Bollywood Song Kaliyon Ka Chaman playing in the background

Featuring Cardi B and Normani, Wild Side features two singers dancing nude on a platform with long hair moderately covering their bodies.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has been talking about same-sex content. In 2018, she received a backlash for collaborating with Rita Ora on the track Girls. LGBTQIA community members have expressed questionable lyrics in the song, and Ora, referring to her bisexuality, said, ‘I’m 50-50 and I’ll never hide it.’

Cardi B accidentally leaked topless photos.  Fan Trend #B*obsOutForCardiCardi B accidentally leaked topless photos. Fan Trend #B*obsOutForCardi

Cardi B tweeted that he had been with ‘many’ women. However, he admits to using inappropriate vocabulary. “I know I used a word that was offensive to the LGBT community before that,” she said. “I apologize for that. Not everyone knows the right ‘term’.” ‘I learned and stopped using it.”


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