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Raya is an 18-year-old girl with dark brown eyes and black hair, from an oriental culture trying to save her country from the ruthless plague of human conflict, Drunn. Raya, Princess of Kumandra, a stubborn woman with a great sense of humor is the guardian of the Dragon Gem. She is a young warrior and a skilled swordsman. Raya, along with her adorable pet Tuk-tuk, is a clever third pill bug with a clever focus to help her survive in hostile lands full of plaque. Tuk Tuk can roll to the ball and save himself. There are many other fascinating Raya And The Last Dragon characters 2021. Scroll down to taste the photos.

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Raya and the last dragon characters with pictures

Below are Raya And The Last Dragon Cast characters. Take a sneak peek at who the Raya And The Last Dragon Cast characters are with photos.


Raya is a resilient warrior with a sword for humor. Her dragon gem breaks and her father turns to stone. Will she be able to save her father and reclaim the land? Watch the blockbuster Raya And Last Dragon to learn how Raya and her other friends try to work together to drive Drunn out of the core realm of Kumandra.

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Sisudatu is the cutest water dragon. The last surviving gentle dragon on Kumandra. A sacred water creature with a slender body. She’s naive, but makes some clever cracks. Raya trains Sisu to become a legendary dragon to save their land Kumandra.

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Chief Benja
Benja is the head of Kumandra. He is an idealistic guardian. A person who strives to restore inner harmony by reducing the differences between people of different countries. He is Raya’s beloved father.

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Namari is the antagonist of this movie. She is a versatile martial artist who is also good at crossbows and dual swords. She befriends Raya to betray her, but Raya escapes from Namaari’s trap with her Wit and her comrades. Sisu often creates a fog in Namari’s mind, confusing her and saving Raya. Namari is the daughter of her rival Queen Virana. Namari is the first Disney princess to play an antagonist in a Disney movie. She was as fierce as a tiger in her martial arts.

Chinese Princess Namari and her mother photo: u_sabrinamorningstar72

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Virana is the head of Fangs. She is a gentle adversary. Virana is Namaari’s mother. She tricks Naamari against Raya. Virana is a cynical leader focused on helping his people survive. A cunning woman who makes her daughter Raya betray her.

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tongue |  Disney Wiki |  fandom

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little noick

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tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk grows up with Raya. They have been good old friends from the day Raya was able to hold a Tuk Tuk in the palm of her hand. Tuk Tuk is growing. It can be rolled into a ball for transport to different parts of Kumandra. Tuk Tuk is Raya’s clever assistant. With his incredible speed, Tuk Tuk enters Kumandra to find the dragon Sisu and bring Raya’s father, Chief Benju, into his life. Tuk Tuk is Ray’s horse.

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