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Colwell A beautiful, meditative film starring Karen Allen. It’s called a good movie, but I think it can appeal to a very small number of audiences. Karen Allen is the mistress of a small town and gives her a great performance. The movie is on Showtime.

to ColwellNora lives a simple daily life. She gets up, makes coffee, collects eggs from a small flock of chickens, and has breakfast (eggs, of course). She opens the post office attached to her house. She always has a few extra eggs for Charles (Kevin J. O’Connor) who drives the postal truck every morning to the small country post office run by Nora.

During the day, the entire city passes by the post office. Some people sit and chat, while others exchange only a few words. It is the social center of the community. When Nora closes the post office every night, she goes home, eats and sleeps alone.

Nora is notified that the contract is not renewed and the post office in Colewell is closed. Her choice is to either take the bus to another position in a slightly larger community or retire.

Colewell, Study of the Quiet Personality
Nora visits her husband’s favorite place with his name engraved

Nora is angry and so are the residents who will be affected. They fight to keep the post office. Nora spends time evaluating her situation and whether she is willing to start over at her age (65). If people hadn’t come to the PO every day, who would have seen or talked to them?

The movie is silent. I am alone and have a lot of thoughts. A treatise on aging and loneliness. The small audience for the film I’m referring to will be those who want to sit still with Nora and think about old age and loneliness.

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Colwell's Hannah Gross
Who was Ella?

Tom Quinn wrote and directed. He did something in the second half of the movie that got me confused. He introduced Ella (Hannah Gross). Was it little Nora? Was it a stranger who lived Nora’s life to show that young people can be lonely? I didn’t understand why Ella was there or what she meant. And the movie is over. tree. That’s it. A sudden and surprising ending that adds even more confusion to my mind.

It would have been nice if the last act was more enlightening than confusing, but Karen Allen was featured in the film and she made the most of it. (Yeah, #EldersRock) It was a time to explore the small towns and cities of America and a way of life that modern people don’t know much about.

Colwell's poster

Here’s a sneak peek.

Does it sound interesting? For those of you who have seen it, I want to know what you think about Ella and the ending.

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