Dan Sur is a rapper and social media personality currently living in Mexico. He went viral after revealing that he had gold chains implanted in his scalp. Apart from that, he is also known for his music, such as Bonk bonk, feel lonely, we live in hell, I keep, and more.

How rich is Dan Sur?

As described above, it went viral after revealing the news that the officer now has golden hair (golden chain on his head). People are obviously wondering what Dan Sur’s net worth is, after hearing the news about his golden hair implantation.

Dan Sur’s net worth is estimated to be $ 10 millionThis includes all of your assets, income, money, and intellectual property.

Net worth $ 10 million
Name Dan South
Country Mexico
Age 23 years
Entry $ 500 thousand (estimated)
Last update 2021

Dan Sur’s net worth growth

Not that he became a millionaire after going viral on social media. On the contrary, he was already wealthy before he became an internet sensation. Thus, he had the privilege of implanting gold chains on his head.

Let’s look at rapper Dan Sur’s estimated net worth growth from the previous five years.

Net worth in 2021 $ 10 million
Net worth in 2020 $ 8 million
Net worth in 2019 $ 6 million
Net worth in 2018 $ 5 million
Net worth in 2017 $ 4 million

Early life

Dan Sur The Anunnaki, popularly known as Dan Sur, was born into a Mexican family in 1998. As of 2021, rapper Dan Sur is 23 years old.

Speaking of his parents, there is no exclusive information in the media about his parents. Fans are still confused as to whether musical artists have siblings or not.

Also, little information is available about their education.


In Dan’s Instagram bio, the Mexican rapper shared that he is a rapper, producer, and songwriter. Also, some of his famous songs follow Bonk Bonk, She Feels Alone, We Live In Hell, I Still And More. He has thousands of social media views on his songs.

Among all his songs, Bonk Bonk is the most popular with the public. The song, Bonk Bonk, has already aired. more than 115K on Spotify.

Besides being a Mexican rapper, he is also a producer and songwriter. It is speculated that most of his success comes from his music production.

He is making a good amount of money from music and the music-related profession. However, he is not famous for this, instead he went viral after the news of his golden hair implants was revealed.

Gold chain head implants

All the news that he has shared about his Gold hair implants is mainly shared through TikTok. Similarly, in a video, he shared that Dan wanted to be unique as most people today dye their hair. So rapper Dan Sur decided why not have golden hair (golden chains) implanted on his scalp. As you thought, in April 2021, he underwent a surgical procedure to implant gold and silver chains on his head.

Dan claimed that he is the first rapper in history to have gold chain implants in his scalp.

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After the news was revealed, the musical artist became an internet sensation. He wrote on Instagram,

I don’t paint my hair like all these Takashi clones !! Don’t copy the flow! Oite“.

In addition to having golden hair (chains) in his hair, he also had golden grids on his teeth. In one of his TikTok videos, he also explained how he brushes his teeth while having golden grills.

He also shared in one of his videos that before going to sleep, he usually takes off the gold chain and goes to sleep.

Presence in social networks

Rapper Dan Sur is quite active on social media, mainly on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. About his Instagram account, he has more than 45 thousand followers and on his Instagram posts, he usually gets 1.5 thousand likes on average.

It is most popular on TikTok. Upon two million people him on Tiktok and almost all of his videos get 1 million views. Apart from that, he also got a youtube channel, called Dan Sur.

About Dan Sur

Net worth $ 10 million
Name Dan South
Age 23 years
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Profession Rapper, producer, media personality
Birthday date Not known
Place of birth Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Entry $ 500K + (estimate)
Wife Not known

Dan Sur Rapper net worth

As of 2021, Dan Sur’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 12 million. Although he has not yet mentioned his form of income, it is speculated that most of his income comes from his musical profession.

The amount it is worth is enough to lead a luxurious lifestyle.


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