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Avinash Dhyani, honorary director and actor of 72 Hours, is all set for his upcoming romantic film Sumeru, which is due out in October 2021.

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Sumeru’s filmmakers posted a poster for the movie on social media, featuring lead actors Avinash Dhyani and actress Sanskriti Bhatt with the film’s characters “Savi and Bhanvar” and the film’s slogan “Re Chhore Yo Pyaar Hai Tari Samjha Ke Bahar Hai.” “Totally drunk. ” is particularly eye-catching. Avinash Dhyani has chosen a fascinating place in Uttrakhand to tell the story of Savi and Bhanvar.

Under the banner of Padma Siddhi Films, “Sumeru” was written and directed by Avinash Dhyani. With stars Avinash Dhyani and Sanskriti Bhatt, Shagufta Ali, Suruchi Saklani, Abhishek Maindola, Prashil Rawat, Satish Sharma, Jeet Maila Gurung and Arvind Panwar. Madhavendra Singh Rawat main role. The film was produced by Ravinder Bhatt and Avinash Dhyani. The cinematographer for this film is Harish Negi. The film’s romantic music was composed by Sunjoy Bose and written by Rishi Raj Bhatt, Arun Kumar, Vinay Joshi, Rishika Mishra, Vijay Bhatt and Nishant Mishra. Background music by Amit V Kapoor and Mohit Kumar by editors.

Sumeru is a Hindi romantic film directed by Avinash Dhyani that revolves around two characters: Bhanvar and Savi. Banbar is a boy who has left everything to find his father, who died in an avalanche. On the other hand, Xavi from a noble family and his fiance come to Hail for a wedding at the destination, where he gets lost and accidentally meets Banbar. The journey continues, they achieve their goal and eventually fall in love.

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