Vadamalli is the name of an Indian website. Very popular with Kerala people since 2020. Vadamalli is leaking all Malayalam television series in high definition (1080p) for free. People mainly visit this site to watch 5 popular series. coup, Padata Painkilli, Hitler Mrs. (SEA5) and santwanam. The series is officially streamed online on popular OTT platforms such as: SEA5, Disney+ Hot Star, And more. Watch all the latest Malayalam series online for at least 899 INR at Hotstar.

Please note that the Vadamalli website releases the series without the proper permission of the publisher. In other words, it undermines the efforts of the production team and illegally screens the series. Therefore, it is unethical to use This site will publish the series as soon as it is released on the official platform Hotstar.

disclaimer: We strongly recommend watching series and movies on the official platform rather than using illegal sites. It is illegal to watch and download pirate movies or series in India under section 63 of the Copyright Act 1957. Here we should be clear that we do not recommend pirate sites like Tamilrockers, iBomma, Vadamalli, Filmywap, etc.

List of Vadamalli series

List of latest series leaked from Vadamali website,

Watch and download movies online

  • coup
  • Padata Painkilli
  • Hitler Mrs.
  • santwanam

sea ​​mali alternative

The Vadamalli site has been banned several times by the government, but works regularly with new domain names. Vaadamalli as well as many torrent websites are illegally leaking the series. some of them,

  • consecutive days
  • demala
  • 6 p.m. series
  • 5 p.m. move
  • niramala

We should not promote torrent websites and should not appreciate the efforts of filmmakers more. We ask that people only watch movies in theaters. Watching a movie in a cinema is a cultural process. Don’t let them fade. claims to only see movies in cinemas, and filmmakers praise you for your presence in cinemas. does not own this content and does not endorse or promote illegal content in any way.


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