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The series had a surprising effect, inspiring to study the history of the Kayis, Qiniqs and Dordugas among other tribes. As a result, I am also re-educating the Byzantine Empire. I enjoyed the prowess of Ertu Gruul and his three trusty Alps. I was amazed at the expertise of show creator Mehmet Bozdag assembling many moving parts. The supporting role of women is weaving the necessary elements to produce the goods the economy needs with such elegance and femininity. Haim Hattun was surprised that it had lasted so long given the stress she had endured. Ertugrul, Turgut, Selcan, Wild Demir, Halime, Bamsi and Dogan are the best. Suleman Shah brought balance, but needed Ertugrul’s insight. Ertu Gruul’s great swordsmanship, sweetness, wisdom, foresight, and vitality are the reasons I haven’t seen 179 episodes in a month. I looked forward to seeing him every day. The deaths of some characters shed tears as they deepened their attachments like family. In fact, this series has become my family. I would like to visit that ancient country and contrast the present with the Middle Ages. Because of this show I am reading history books again. Thanks for the wonderful presentation. When can I see more shows? So far, it is rated as ‘excellent’.

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