According to a statement shared by hospital playlist There are currently no plans for a third season of Medical K-Drama. The highly rated series include: Five doctors who worked in the same hospital, shared a love for music, became close, and have been friends since graduation.

in the statement of hospital playlist announced by the production team “If a season 3 plan comes out, we are happy to be with the production crew and cast, but there are currently no specific season 3 plans,” he said.

At the end of the series, find another place you like. hospital playlist The cast after the season 2 finale.

hospital playlist not getting a third season

According to reports, the cast Hospital Playlist 2 We finished filming the finals on Monday. The show’s last two episodes premiere on September 9 and 16, marking the end of the sequel season.

For those who understand the popularity of hospital dramas, the news of the drama’s departure may come as a shock. 4 weeks in a row tvN Hospital Playlist 2 It was ranked first in the list of the most talked about dramas selected by Good Data Corporation. The company determines weekly rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities and social media.

while Hospital Playlist 2 It maintained the first place, and the four main characters were also named on the list of cast members in this week’s hottest drama. 4th is Kyung-ho Jeong, 5th is Jo Jung-seok, 6th is Kim Dae-myung, and 9th is Shin Hyun-bin.

HospitalPlaylist 02

Now what about the cast?

Jung Kyung-ho, who plays Kim Jun-wan, is currently filming. Apgujeong Report. A drama/comedy series follows. Daeguk, a curious man from Apgujeong, and Jiwoo, a cold but talented plastic surgeon, open a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam.

Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon-seok, who plays the role of Ahn Jung-won, was cast in the next crime investigation team. surname Based on the true story of a Korean man who became a drug lord in Suriname, South America.

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Actress Jeon Mi-do will appear in the drama scheduled for release in 2022. thirty nine. A romance drama about the life, work, and relationships of three friends who are in their 40s.

HospitalPlaylist 03

Popular actors such as Jo Jung-seok and Kim Dae-myung are currently not commenting on their next work.

HospitalPlaylist 04

catch hospital playlist Cast members reunited after the end

As fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to their favorite group of doctors, the cast will soon be guesting on a popular variety show. The special series will be directed by Na Young-seok PD and will start production after the season ends. hospital playlist.

A tvN official said, “Variety consists of 5 people. hospital playlist The actors appearing are still in the planning stage, so details such as the title, exact schedule, and location have not been decided yet. We are planning with the hope that the actors will be able to finish the drama by giving viewers good memories after they finish filming.”

The cast has already teamed up with YouTube’s special series ‘Na Young-seok’. Smart Camping Life: Going Camping Hospital Playlist. The YouTube series followed a group of friends away from the set. hospital playlist. Since the special series has been very popular with fans, I am sure that future entertainment shows will also be great.

What do you think about canceling? hospital playlist? Who is your favorite cast member? Let us know in the comments below!


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