great filmmaker Ridley Scott Get your business ready for an important year. N.S. “alien“Director’s reversal drama”last duel” to October 15th. Plus, in the near future, he’s actually teaming up with Driver to create another period piece that’s even more in-progress.House of Gucci“, a historical crime film in which he also starred”a star is born“Celebrity Lady Gaga.

2001 book by Sara Gay Forden”House of Gucci: A sensational story of murder, madness, glamor and greedScott’s film tells the true story of Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga). Patrizia was a wealthy Italian socialite when she married Maurizio Gucci, head of Gucci style in the 1980s.

In any case, after the divorce, her life was completely changed when she was tried and prosecuted for committing his death. “House of Gucci“You have to discern every thought as it promises a lively and luxurious dramatization.

What is the plot of Gucci House?

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It’s confusing how meticulous you are.”House of Gucciwill follow real-world circumstances. Obviously, Scott’s film essentially explains Patrizia’s preliminary and inevitable conviction for murder on her job in the death of Maurizio Gucci in 1995.

Because Driver will be the co-lead of “House of GucciThe film is also expected to explore the romance, marriage, and rough breakup of their relationship. It got Patrizia engaged to Maurizio’s death (probably in a flashback scene).

There will also be plenty of off-screen shows as the Gucci family has legitimate doubts about the film. In April 2021, Maurizio’s great-nephew Patricia Gucci told The Associated Press. Her family was “really disappointed” about the movie “made something using family characters”.

Featuring several other real-life Gucci family members and individuals from Italian high society, the film will be filled with interest in style houses.

Who is the House of Gucci cast?

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Woman Gaga will be playing Patrizia Reggiani, her first lead role since she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Ally Maine” in 2018.a star is born.” “Oscar Designation”marriage story Entertainer Adam Driver plays the murdered ex-Maurizio Gucci. Grandson of Guccio Gucci, former Gucci’s head of design and Gucci organizer. Oscar champion Jared Leto will play Paolo Gucci and Jeremy Irons will play Maurizio’s father, Rodolfo Gucci.

Balancing the cast in the middle is “Broadwalk Empire Jack Huston stars as former Gucci Group CEO Domenico De Solo. “Hades TownActor Reeve Carney plays Gucci’s original head, Tom Ford. Salma Hayek is Patrizia’s fantastic companion Pina Auriemma.

Reggiani initially said that shegenius Gaga portrays her in her meeting with the magazine “Nobela 2000” in January 2021. She was later upset that Gaga had not met her previous shoot.

What is the delivery date for House of Gucci?

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House of Gucci” has been reserved for the screening of the film. November 24, 2021. After a dramatic introduction, the film opens for further streaming. Paramount+. This is the continuation of the Epix and Paramount Pictures TV revenue deal. Those who order Paramount movies will be delivered first from Paramount+ after a dramatic run.

Scott previously agreed to coordinate a film about the Gucci family in 2006. Officially joined.”House of Gucci“By April 2020, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had acquired the rights to the film, and the focus cast was officially confirmed in October 2020.

After the manager finished recordinglast duel“October 2020, “House of Gucci“Started in February 2021. Creations were filmed all over Italy, from Rome to Florence to Milan.”House of Gucci“After filming and production full of power May 8, 2021.


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