Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan recently released the fourth film in the popular superhero franchise movie “Krrish” on social media, and since then, fans of the actor have taken the opportunity to look forward to the fourth film and share their storylines and teasers. I made it. However, certain fans of the actor despised some brownie points for his movie plot, as the actor himself admitted. Twitter user Ꮪambit (@LuciferIite) shared a story he thought would be great for Krrish 4.

Sambit shared his storyline on a microblogging platform, writing: “I wrote a #Krrish4 wattpad storyline in 5 minutes that Rakesh Roshan could never have done.” Wattpad is a website where authors can post new user-generated stories. Put Jaadu, Despicable Krishna and a lot of time travel. Also in Sambit’s story, he decided to give Priyanka Chopra’s character superpowers.

Sambit’s storyline and its many twists and turns provoked a very amusing reaction from Twitter users who praised his quick storytelling skills. But we’re sure it was the actor’s own reaction who seemed to understand the story’s gruesome twists and turns that made Fan Day, we’re sure. Roshan gave Sambit 100 points for his imagination.

Many Twitter users also enjoyed this storyline.

“Koi… Mil Gaya”, the first film directed by the actor’s father, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, was released in 2003. “Krrish” was released in 2006, and “Krrish 3” was released in 2013. “Krrish” tells the story of Rohit’s son, Krishna, who inherits his father’s superhuman abilities and finds the identity of the main character in the first part of “Krrish”. Hrithik Roshan played the triple character of Rohit, Krishna and Krrish in the film.


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