Episode 5 The MCU from the animated series introduced zombies to the universe. This particular episode is more inspired by Marvel Comics than the previous four. Literally “What if…?” Hot, lead writer AC Bradley has a lot of creative freedom, but for Episode 5 she pulled a lot of the plot from the source material.

This story explores what would have happened if Janet Van Dyne had become infected with a quantum virus introduced to the world after Hank Pym saved a long-lost love. Unwittingly, Hope Van Dyne brings her infected mother through a quantum tunnel, and the virus spreads throughout the Pacific Northwest within 24 hours. The consequences of this turn of events are catastrophic and change the world of MCUs as we know them. If you have questions about: What If? End of episode 5. We tell you everything!

if so… ? Episode 5 End Announcement

At the beginning of the episode, we learn that the Avengers worked hard to fight the virus and contain the chaos caused by the virus. However, most of the heroes, including Hawkeye, Captain America, Falcon, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, have turned into zombies. During Episode 5 of What If, We learn that Wanda has turned into a zombie and is immune to the cure.

Vision protected and nourished parts of T’Challa. He quickly realizes his mistake and separates it from the Elementalstone so the surviving heroes can use it to cure the virus. The Spirit Stone serves as the soul of the Android Vision body and effectively dies when removed.

Hordes of zombies attack the building, making it difficult for the hero to escape. At that time, Okoye also died. Wanda kills Bucky and Bruce turns into the Hulk to fight her. Only Peter, T’Challa and Lang can escape with the QuadJet. The last time he sees the Hulk, he is overwhelmed by the zombies. We can assume that he is either dead or turned into a zombie. Episode 5 It ends with the zombieized Thanos wielding all infinity stones except Wakanda.

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The situation is dire and the Guardian’s disturbing voice seems to confirm that the hero’s attempts to save the planet are ultimately destroying the universe. So it can be said that Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones and became the carrier of this destruction.

Will part 2 come out??

Route What If… Episode 5 of Many of us are wondering if there is a second part of this story, and it is completely possible. Not sure if we’ll see the second part this season, but What If…? It is already being prepared. And it has been confirmed that there will be another episode of Captain Carter in season 2. So, won’t there be a zombie episode in season 2?

However, this cliff is so full of suspense that I wouldn’t be surprised if season 1 has a second part. Episode 6 What If… ? “What if… Zombies Part 2? It’s hard to know for sure what’s going to happen next, as Marvel has been careful not to reveal too much ahead of the reveal of the episode. But the second part is that Thanos’s last stone in Infinity Gauntlet repels zombies. Even if you defeat the hero protecting you, there is a chance that the zombies won’t get it back.

And if the zombie Thanos gets a stone, what will he do with it? All the other zombie characters didn’t seem to know who they were or who they were friends with, so did the zombie Thanos get some kind of recognition? Hopefully the second part will shed some light on the truth.


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