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BTS members made a name for themselves not only as members of K-pop bands, but also as singers, dancers, and producers. With global growth, all members have gained huge fans worldwide. All members of BTS have performed solo albums, albums, movies and collaborations with other artists.


BTS' RM revealed that he inspired Drake to sing.  'I wanted to do something like that'BTS’ RM revealed that Drake was the inspiration for the song. ‘I wanted to do something like that’

However, members often also appear in advertisements and endorse various products. From music to brand pictorials to special appearances, BTS was one of the most in-demand celebrities. Jimin, 25, is best known for his contagious smile and powerful singing ability, and he also has a shocking fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimin is the only K-pop idol to have ranked first in personal idol brand reputation for 19 consecutive times. Reportedly, the singer owns stock in Hybe and has a net worth of around $20 million.

In recent years, Jimin and bandleader RM have bought an apartment in Hannam, South Korea. The price of this apartment alone is said to be about 5.3 million dollars. Jimin is also the proud owner of another $3.9 million apartment.

In addition to winning the music industry, she has won several titles, including Japan’s ‘Gen Z Role Model’ and ‘Sold out Star!’. Jimin also composed 9 songs including ‘Promise’ and ‘Friend’.

Rare photos of BTS membersRare photos of BTS members

BTS caught the eye with their music, style and attractive personality. Their songs rank at the top of the charts. The recently released Butter and Permission To Dance topped the Billboard charts for weeks. The group also released a remixed version of Butter with Megan Thee Stallion.

First story: Sunday, August 29, 2021 7:30 [IST]


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