Thousands of fans couldn’t contain their emotions when they heard the news of the new ULLU web series. That’s why the OTT app offers a very interesting web series to spark the enthusiasm of young people. The upcoming romantic thriller is titled Kachra Games Of Karma. Recently, the digital platform has launched a new series called “Games Of Karma”. Now the creators are increasing the list of web series for this franchise by adding new and exciting content. The upcoming installment of the app is a Hindi romantic thriller that brings warmth to the internet. Audiences curious about not only this but the entire web series.

ULLU Original Kachra Games Of Karma Web Series Details

Anyone talking about upcoming webtoons can only be viewed on the ULLU app or website. Now the series’ genre is romantic and thousands of fans eagerly await to see every episode of the series. The OTT platform has already launched several sensational and erotic web series.

Whoever comes now is sure to be a hit with a great screenplay and stellar execution. The creators actually select all the stars very carefully and have always put together an excellent all-star cast for the series.

title kakra
Gibbs Arina Day & Lahil Azam
genre 18+, Erotic
type web series
series karma play
director update soon
published date September 21, 2021
online video platform kids app
language Hindi, English, Bozpuri, Tamil, Telugu
country India

Kachra Games Of Karma Web Series Star Cast

Many people are constantly looking for the ULLU Original Kachra Games Of Karma Web Series Star Cast. Here everyone can get relevant details about this upcoming web series. There are currently two star names starring in this web series. Let me tell you that both celebrities are already very popular and have worked on famous projects before.

arena day

Arina Dey of Kachra Games in Karma ULLU Web Series
arena day

Rahil Azam

Rahil Azam from the Games of Karma Kachra web series
Rahil Azam

After knowing this, many people can’t stand the desire to see this great web series. You should also be aware of the Kabristan Games Of Karma web series, the latest release of the ULLU app. So, without a doubt, the creators keep their promises to their fans and maintain a high level of excitement among them.


The plot of the web series now revolves around a possessive husband. So, in the trailer, the image of a couple who have been together for 10 years is included. They’re both celebrating anniversaries and there’s an explosion going on. Suddenly, a man named Rajat sees his wife Sneha dancing with a friend.

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He gets up in anger, breaks the glass and shouts at his wife in front of everyone. In the next scene, Sneha says she was very lucky to have him as her husband. After a while, an intimate scene appears that warms the pristine environment.

In the next scene, Rajat remembers suddenly forgetting her smartphone at home on the way to the office. When I get home, I see my wife using the phone. He was shocked to see this and his wife played an audio in which Rajat was talking to another woman in a very erotic and lewd way. Sneha sees Rajat cheating and decides to punish him.

Kachra Games Of Karma ULLU Web Series Release Date

She switches behavior with him to do something that will drive you crazy to watch the web series. So don’t forget to watch all episodes of the Kachra Games Of Karma web series on the ULLU app only on September 21, 2021. Also, stay connected to all social updates for more exciting and captivating web series.



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