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Watch and download movies online

take buttonFor now, it’s unclear who will be the new presenter. danger! – We can say that it won’t be LeVar Burton.

In a new interview last night Daily Show with Trevor Noah, NS reading the rainbow The host has made it clear that they are continuing their search for a host that took most of the year. We don’t really blame him. Especially since he’s rarely ever made the producers feel like they want him. He became a guest host after a worldwide fan campaign, but only a week during the Summer Olympics. Although the ratings were low, the show was preempted in some markets. The cards were stacked against him from the beginning.

Burton tells Noah in an interview that during the show (and perhaps in the aftermath) he realized that there could be something else he wanted.

“They say you have to be careful with what you want, but eventually I found out that it wasn’t what I wanted… I mean, I wanted the job, but when I didn’t get it, it was like, ‘Well, okay, now how?’

therefore I beg your pardon Now, is it Burton’s next turn? He claims he is developing his own game show and is working on exactly what it will look like. We think there’s room for LeVar in the trivia space, and he might come up with something that celebrates his love of knowledge, along with other qualities that make him unique. All he needs is a suitable partner around him and a broadcast/streaming service to reach the audience he needs. He’s a talent of a generation and we’ve both seen how popular he is. reading the rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation It was for many years. It seems the time has come for Burton to reach a new generation with his work.

Watch and download movies online

– This is Jeopardy’s guest! rest of the year

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