It’s time to acknowledge the author’s skillful handling of Daniel’s return to the story, before Lucifer investigates the search for the suspected daughter’s mother. I’ve never enjoyed a show that brings a dead character to life, but in the context of a fantasy drama matchesof the writing staff. Yes, it’s a metaphorical expression no one will see when Dan returns to the LAPD area, and while his physically translucent form is a reminder that his meeting with Ella remains a key element of the show.

When Dan enters Lucifer’s penthouse, he finds out that Mazikeen is wearing new clothes and becomes even more discouraged when he can’t see or hear him from heaven. Of course, we suspect she’s flirting with Dan, and the truth is revealed when he meets Amenadiel and Maze in Lux. It’s a beautiful scene where Amenadiel and Dan share a moment related to an angel’s desire to join the police, but it’s an unsuccessful attempt at a group hug that makes up Daniel’s most important contribution.

Still, “Pin Tail on the Daddy” makes it painfully clear that Lucifer still has a lot to learn to survive her relationship with Chloe. He fundamentally admits to lying to Dan that he won’t be able to rescue him from Hell, and when caffeinated Chloe asks Lucifer about her future to become God’s Adviser, he intentionally lets him become a God’s Adviser. Ignoring the news. It is that the father and the angel in question carried her ex-husband from Hell to Earth. She is understandably worried about how Trixie will adjust to their new life. And as he said to her, “If I were God, I would invent.” His mind is really somewhere else. Having finally got airtime is a legitimate concern.

After consulting with his brother, Lucifer embarks on a humorous journey to discover her mother’s identity, realizing that in 1999, a trip to Earth after several days of violent debauchery could be the cause of her childbirth allegations. However, Chloe realizes that she has to sit down with Dr. Linda and express her desires to Lucifer in a greater way. This is an important scene because Chloe is still not completely safe from her relationship with Lucifer. Linda asks. “What are the chances that he will run to Vegas and marry a stripper twice?” nice line? Yes, but Linda’s wise advice to just ask will result in a smile and follow-up. Chloe has an app on her phone that tells her where Lucifer is.

There are several successes and failures in figuring out if Lucifer really has a daughter, which leads to one of the episode’s best lines of Lucifer. “I’m going to be the best dad in the world to 7 billion people,” he tells a woman who is skeptical of whether he’ll ever be a good dad. Then there’s the intriguing Rabbi Esther, who provides a solid clue to her missing daughter, Mira. It doesn’t lead to any substantive information about the mother’s identity, but unmasking the captive runaways gives Lucifer a chance to say a witty yet profound sentence that further reveals his intentions. He said that if one of the young women being abused needed anything, we should pray a little. “I want to be some kind of god.” This is an easy rule to ignore, but it represents and supports Lucifer’s unwavering determination to consider others for themselves.

But in the end, it’s the ghost Dan who confides in Lucifer and gives the devil the confidence to “get her”. Needless to say, if things don’t go as planned and you think Chloe is sensing Dan’s presence in her home, we’re all preparing for some sort of heavenly event. A magenta winged angel appears and says a simple “Hello Mom” ​​and the story makes a full 180.


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