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Daryl Edwards (Vance) promoted to full-time position!some great clear Season 4 news comes to the casting front. We’ll see more of Vance eventually!

According to a new report from Deadline, Daryl Edwards has been promoted to the regular series for Season 4 of the Airplane drama. The show is moving to Netflix after three years with NBC, and in its final 20-episode season you’ll (hopefully) see the deepening of some great mysteries that lead to answers at the end of it. At least from this news, we know that Vance will be an important part of what’s to come.

Technically Edwards was part of the story after the pilot episode, but of course there were times when Vance was presumed dead. It turned out not to be true and he could play a key role in unraveling the mystery of Flight 828.

As for how he might appear in a potential season 4 story, are we at a point where we can speculate more? At this point, it’s hard to imagine many people thinking that Cal would turn into an older version of himself or that Grace would die at the end of season 3. All in all, it feels like at least two different seasons. So in this story we will have the opportunity to see all kinds of characters from different roles change roles.

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At least with this, we find it hard to believe that the writers will soon be doing another horrendous thing with Vance. We don’t have to kill him again!

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