You must be quite intimidating. married at first sight I consider you “unacceptably aggressive”. In the British version of the reality series, performer Nikita Jasmine was kicked out of the show after some failures at a dinner party.

With numerous international variants, married at first sight It tells the story of singles who pair up through ‘scientific matchmaking’ and get married as soon as they meet. Read why British cast member Nikita Jasmine was removed from the series and her follow-up comment on Instagram.

MAFS Announcement of Nikita’s departure from the series

According to an E4 show spokesperson, the 26-year-old was removed after “problem escalated off-camera”.

officially MAFS The statement said, “The well-being of actors and staff is always our top priority during and after production. During filming, conditions outside the camera deteriorated and Nikita exhibited a level of aggression that was unacceptable and contrary to the code of conduct we had agreed to. .”

The statement continued, “As a result, she was asked to stop the experiment. Everyone involved was supported, and Nikita subsequently apologized and resolved the situation with those involved.”


According to email online, “I just lost it and yelled at everyone at the table,” Nikita said while filming the dinner with her fellow cast members. The dinner took place after Nikita returned from honeymoon with her new husband, Ant Poole.

As one source said: “The debate she started started with alleging that her fellow actors were doing the show just for the sake of fame. Most people thought that was the reason she joined. The situation was so bad that security had to intervene.”


Nikita’s Past Bad Behavior MAFS

The reality star previously made a splash in the media when she started an angry feud with Ant during their honeymoon. The unsuccessful honeymoon included the controversial scene in which Nikita threw a cup at her new husband after revealing that she was annoyed by constant fishing for praise.

Even on the couple’s wedding day, Nikita proved that a precarious marriage was at hand. When she first met the ants, Nikita was not very impressed with her new husband. She even went so far as to say he wasn’t her type. Ouch.

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After their bad first meeting/marriage, Nikita put together a long list of requirements for her new husband. She claimed that Ant needed veneers, a tan, more muscles and other physical requirements. It was clear that Nikita and Ant’s marriage would not last a lifetime, let alone a week.


Nikita’s reaction on Instagram

A polite reality star later Instagram To rationalize her actions. She explained that the tight filming schedule was one of the reasons she was upset.

She wrote in the caption of a recent Instagram post: “Nobody knows what’s going on in private. This dinner took about 12 hours to film. It was a busy day and no one saw the real deal.”

Nikita added: “I will always be behind my girls, even if I don’t get an answer unfortunately. Many of us have built close bonds off-camera. See the bigger picture. I’ll be back tomorrow at 21:00.”


The reality star then posted a statement in an Instagram story claiming that she had never been asked to leave the show and instead decided to leave for dinner that night. Contrary to the series’ official statement, she wrote in her own story: I decided to leave for dinner that night. . .”

Nikita confirmed that she would be starring. MAFS A reunion show in a few weeks. Nikita’s Removal will air in an episode on Thursday.

Do you think Nikita is telling the truth? Do you want to see her again? married at first sight? let me know what you like married at first sight Cast in the comments below!


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