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Setting: Is This Matrix or Mechanical Heaven?

Matrix 4 Trailer Analysis: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and...Smith?!

This trailer is so confusing that it’s unclear where this Matrix movie takes place. This movie has always been a story with multiple sets between big simulations, small programs, and the real world. However, the film’s setting is particularly important as it explains what’s going on in some weird parts of the trailer.

Matrix 4 Settings

This is the first glimpse into Neo’s life after the incident. Matrix Revolution The simulation revealed he’s back as Thomas Anderson, but is this the Matrix we know and love? can. This idyllic seaside town bears no resemblance to the dystopian megacity of the original trilogy, Mega City.

You may also have noticed that the signature green tint is gone. Actually there is an explanation for it. When the Matrix rebooted later this year revolution, it’s back online without a green tint, and Sati created a beautiful, surreal sunrise (not unlike the one shining on the bridge in the first photo) to pay tribute to Neo.

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However, it is possible that this is a completely different simulation. Other articles have discussed this, but there are some theories as to where this movie was set. 1) Set in the same version of Matrix as the first three movies, but restarting the simulation will adjust the city. 2) This is a completely new version of The Matrix, created as a sequel to the original trilogy. 3) This is not a matrix, it is instead a separate digital world.

Matrix Megacity

Listen to the last point. We saw Neo die. revolution, after being assimilated to Smith, not himself. By becoming one with Smith, Machines can send kill signals in the real world to completely eliminate malware. But where does the program go when it is uninstalled? reload It points to an ambiguous place called the ‘source’ that appears to be the central mainframe of the machine. Programs marked for removal are absorbed by the source.

What if Neo’s digital form is somehow trapped in some sort of “machine heaven” of the Source, since Neo only died after changing from The Matrix to Smith, and his real body died in Machine City? This theory doesn’t necessarily coincide with other real-life scenes of Neo in later trailers, but it could be a possible explanation for why there are different versions of Morpheus in this film and why Jonathan Groff’s character gets Neo. The end of the movie tells the trailer that he is going ‘Back to the Matrix’.

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