Mohammad Shahabuddin is an Indian politician and former Member of Parliament from the Siwan constituency in Bihar and his net worth is $ 5 million (37 Crore INR). He was born on May 10, 1967 in Bihar. He died on May 1, 2021, being Covid-19. He was elected four times to the Parliament of Siwan, Bihar. He has been winning the Lok Sabha elections since 1996 in Siwan, Bihar. Prior to this, he was elected from the Bihar Legislative Assembly twice. His father’s name was Sheikh Mohammad Hasibullah.

Name Mohammad Shahabuddin
Gender Male
Equity (2021) $ 5 million
Net worth in Indian rupees 37 crore INR
Profession Political
Monthly income 20 lakh
Annual income 2-3 crore
Money factors Politics
Last update 2021

Mohammad Shahabuddin’s income and salary

Mohammad Shahabuddin was also a gangster who later entered politics. He committed many crimes in his life. His income reportedly exceeded Rs 20 lakh. There were more than 30 criminal cases, including 8 murders, 20 attempted murders, kidnapping, etc. He died of the coronavirus in Delhi on May 1, 2021.

As of now, his net worth was $ 5 million.

Dependence of wealth on Mohammad Shahabuddin

Politicians have many ways of making money and you too must be very knowledgeable about these ways. Mohammad Shahabuddin had been a very important leader of Bihar and now he has died.

As of 2021, Mohammad Shahabuddin net worth was $ 5 million (INR 37 crore).

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