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Kurulus Osman with English subtitles.
The series will focus on the life of Osman Bey, son of Ertugrul Gazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. As a result, the story of the Ottoman Eggplant and the Ottomans… He laid the foundations for a Turkish Muslim state that will rule for over 600 years. The father of Ottoman Eggplant, Ottoman State, was born in Sogut in 1258. His father was Ertugrul Gazi and his mother was Halime Sultan. Osman Gazi was a tall man with a round face, dark complexion, hazel eyes and thick eyebrows. The shoulders are quite large and the upper body is longer than the other parts. He wore a Cagatay-style Horasan crown made of red wide fabric.

Osman Gazi was an outstanding leader. He was fair, brave, and merciful. He helped the poor. Sometimes he gave his clothes to the poor. He had a sumptuous meal for everyone in the house at noon every day.

Osman Gazi was only 23 years old when he succeeded Kayi Clan’s leadership at Sogut in 1281. He was a very good rider and fencer. He is married to Mal Sultana, the daughter of the famous Omer bey. Mal Sultan gave birth to Orhan, who succeeded to the throne.

After a little silence, Seyh told him.
I have some good news. Ottoman! Allah has given sovereignty to you and your son. The whole world will be protected by your son, and my daughter will be your wife.”

Kurulus Osman with English subtitles

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