Sanju Samson’s net worth is around Rs 43 crore as of 2021. This batsman, called the future of Indian cricket, gained fame through the IPL and now this guy (Sanju) is going to play for the Indian team. . See 30 to 40% of cricket worldwide comes from India. Sanju Samson has shown in the last 2-3 years that he is a player of the Indian cricket team. The God of cricket i.e Sachin Tendulkar has also seen in recent days that Sanju Samson can do a lot for India and seeing this Sachin tagged BCCI during IPL 2021 and posted that Sanju needed a place in the Indian team.

When looking at IPL’s performance, everyone is interested in knowing your background, income, salary, and most of all, your net worth. So today we will only talk about Sanju Samson’s net worth, income and facts. The craze of cricket in India has become such that cricket is the most beloved sport in the world after football. The IPL has taken cricket to a different level, through which talented players who suffer from poverty today buy luxury cars and houses. Sanju Samson is also one of the players who are not lacking in talent. Sanju gives the Rajasthan Royals a good score in every match based on his talent.

Sanju Samson has greatly improved his cricket thanks to the education of Rahul Dravid. Sanju’s coach says that Sanju Samson is like Australian hitter Adam Gilchrist, which is a source of great pride. Now let’s talk about Sanju Samson’s net worth and overall net income.

Sanju Samson’s net worth

Sanju Samson has a total net worth of $ 6 in 2021 (43 Crore INR). Most of the revenue comes from IPL salary and brand endorsement.. Rajasthan Royals retained Sanju for Rs 8 crore at IPL 2021. The player, winning based on his performance in IPL, had a chance to play for the Indian team, which he did quite well.

The income of a cricketer grows from the value of his brand. In this sense, the brand value of Sanju Samson is much higher than that of other IPL players. The net worth of cricketer Sanju Samson, considered the backbone of the Rajasthan Royals, is 40 million rupees in Indian rupees in 2021. In the past 3 years, Sanju has revealed the importance of IPL by increasing his net worth 3 times.

Sanju Samson, the best player of the Rajasthan Royals team, known as Sanju, has made a dent in the Indian team in 2021, where his performance is not very special. But based on his skills, he can return to the Indian team. Rajasthan Royals chased the longest streak in IPL history in which Sanju Samson played a major role. After that entry, Sanju’s craze grew very fast and because of this, his net worth grew 20% this year.

2021 Sanju Samson Net Worth

Name Sanju samson
Full name Sanju Viswanath Samson
Profession Cricket player
Equity (2021) $ 6 million
Net worth (Indian rupees) 43 crore rupees
Monthly income 25 lakh
Annual income 8 crore
Factors IPL, brands
Last update 2021
Sanju Samson’s net worth in rupees

Sanju Samson’s salary


Sanju Samson’s top income comes from the IPL (Indian Premier League), where he earns an average of Rs 7-8 crore each year and more than Rs 50-60 through brands. Regarded as the future of the Indian cricket team, Sanju has held many IPL records. IPL is not just a league, it is considered the largest cricket tournament in the world, where each player can easily get at least Rs 20 lakh. Speaking of the most expensive player, for 2021, the name of the most expensive player is Virat Kohli, which was bought for 18 million rupees. Rajasthan Royals retained Sanju Samson in their team in 2021 paying a salary of 8 million rupees.

IPL year (Team) Salary
2020 (Rajasthan Royals) 8 crore (approximately)
2019 (Royals of Rajasthan) 8 crore (Approximately)
2018 (Royals of Rajasthan) 8 crore (Approximately)
2017. (Delhi Daredevils) 4.3 crore (Approximately)
2016 (Delhi Daredevils) 4.2 crore (Approximately)
2015. (Royals of Rajasthan) 4 crore (Approximately)
2014 (Royals of Rajasthan) 4 crore (Approximately)
2013 (Royals of Rajasthan) 10 lakh (Approximately)
2012 (Knight Rider of Kolkata) 8 lakh (Approximately)

Brand endorsement »

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the most expensive league in the world with a business of one billion rupees every year. During IPL, many brands lose money like water to be able to sell their products. Sanju Samson and several IPL heroes give millions of rupees for the announcement of this company. Sanju Samson requires at least 25 lakh rupees to work on an advertisement. With this data, you can understand what the level of the IPL platform is.


BCCI also has a small part in Sanju Samson’s net worth, where Sanju has played a few matches for India. Most of the revenue comes from the IPL itself, but the Indian Cricket Board will have to increase that as well. According to BCCI in 2021, Sanju Samson is a grade C player with an annual salary of Rs 1 crore.

Qualification Salary
A + $ 1 million (7 crore)
TO $ 0.68 million (5 crore)
B $ 0.41 million (3 crore)
C $ 0.14 million (1 crore)

Sanju Samson assets

Sanju Samson is a down-to-earth person. The list of your total assets is not very large. According to some reports, Sanju Samson bought houses in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai at a market cost of Rs 4 million. Apart from this, many properties have also been bought in India. Sanju Billong from South India and his birthplace is Vizhinjam.

Sanju Samson Car Collection

Sanju Samson doesn’t have a huge collection of cars but still FYI tell us you have a collection of luxury cars in the world. Like Audi, BMW and Range Rover. Now let’s look at Sanju Samson’s cars.

Mark Car name and Model Price
Audi Audi a6 70 Lakh +
BMW BMW 5 Series 70 Lakh +
Range rover Range rover sports 80 Lakh +
Mercedes Mercedes Benz C Class 1 crore +

Sanju Samson’s career

Sanju Samson lives in Kerala. His father’s name is Samson Vishwanath. Sanju Samson started his career a long time ago when he was only 17 years old. At the age of 17, he began playing cricket for Karela, where he was a goalkeeper and hitter. Initially, Sanju’s class was revealed and eventually, in 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders bought Sanju for Rs 40 lakh. He then joined Rajasthan Royals and in 2021 is part of RR.

In 2015, Sanju Samson made his debut in India, where he had the opportunity to play against Zimbabwe. Speaking of the current situation, Sanju will have a chance on the Indian cricket team, where Sachin Tendulkar told Sanju to keep going.

Debut of Sanju Samson

T-20 – vs Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club, July 19, 2015

IPL – vs Kings XI Punjab at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, April 14, 2013

Sanju Samson’s Favorite Things

Favorite actor Akshay kumar
Favorite actress Disha patani
Favorite Singer (Male) I dont know
Favorite singer (female) I dont know
Favorite app Instagram
Favorite game PUBG MOBILE
Favorite food South Indian food
Favorite song I dont know
Favorite athlete MS Dhoni
Favorite PUBG Player Not knowing
Favorite movie Not knowing
Favorite cricketer AB Devilliers
Favorite footballer Messy
Favorite Cartoons Not knowing
Favorite TV show Not knowing
Hobbies Comedy, Travel, Enjoy life, Video games

Sanju Samson social media accounts

Sanju Samson’s Wealth Dependency

The income of a cricketer is mainly in 2 to 3 forms. Salary and brand endorsement are the most important among them. Sanju Samson has been a shining star of Indian cricket, having made millions in his career. He also plays for the Indian national team, where he will earn even more money. Sanju Samson’s net worth will reportedly cross 50 million rupees next year.

As of August 2021, Sanju Samson’s net worth is $ 6 million.



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