Movie: Citymar
Referee: 2.75/5

Banner: Srinivasaa Silver Screen
Gibbs: Gopichand, Tamannaah, Bhumika, Pragati, Rahman, Digangana Suryavanshi, Tarun Arora, etc.
cinematography: Saundar Rajan
music: Mani Sharma
editor: Tammy Rajuk
producer: Srinivasa Chiturik
Screenplay and Director: Sampass Nandic
published date: September 10, 2021

Gopichand’s action drama ‘Citymar’ has been postponed several times due to the pandemic. It can be seen in theaters today at the auspicious Ganesh festival.

Let’s find out the pros and cons.


Karthi (Gopichand) works at the bank in the village of Kadiyam near Rajamundry. His job is to coach Kabaddi’s women’s team. His goal is to see his village team represent Andhra Pradesh state in the Kabaddi National Championship.

He trains village girls to become professional players. He and his team land in Delhi for the championship, and while they prepare for D-Day, Makkan Singh (Tarun Arora) kidnaps the girls.

How will Karthi rescue them from Makkan Singh’s hold before the match starts and why is Makkan Singh targeting Karthi?

Artist’s performance:

In the role played by the gallery, Gopichand is in his element. He is fit and fit for the role.

Tamannaah plays the quintessential Masala heroine and provides a glamor quotient in the song ‘Jwala Reddy’. Rahman, Gopichand’s brother-in-law, is fine.

Tarun Arora appears as the main villain. Digangana Suryavanshi plays Tamannaah’s second violin.

Technical excellence:

Soundar Rajan’s first-class cinematography and rich production value are its main assets.

Mani Sharma comes with a mass beat that fits the genre of the movie. Editors can be more strict. Action stunts are the best.

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mass element
Rich visuals and action scenes
juraready song

General story and scenario
official scene
inconsistent flow
sports moment


Expecting novelty in the stories and screenplays of real popular movies is like finding water in the desert. This film follows a proven formula. But how did only a handful of popular entertainers become blockbusters?

Even Formula Masala Actors must have rhythm or flow. Only people who fit these settings will click on the cash register.

Director Sampath Nandi tried to follow the same pattern in his latest film “Seetimaarr.”

Everything we see in “Seetimaarr” gives the impression that we’ve seen them before. The hero who coached the women’s national team is nothing new. The villains who prey on the hero’s relatives are as old as the Himalayas. This is a typical template for a commercial pop hero movie. But Sampath Nandi tried to make the package in a way that would appeal to a core audience.

He is sure to work with the general public, adding elements of Kabaddi’s plays, women’s issues, education, and local pride to this story. Besides, there is an attractiveness index.

There are many problems with the story, but certain things are fixed. Gopichand inspires the girls to fight alone instead of bravely saving the girls. That scene worked. The latter episode of Posani Krishna Murali, the girls’ attempts to escape from the kidnappers, and the final match scene are worthy of ‘Setimar’.

Episodes like Digangana’s Pelli choopulu, chatter between Telangana and the Andhra team, and many other official scenes annoy us. You can also expect some twists and turns. Action episodes are too much. As with all Masala movies, the logic throws.

Despite this imbalance, the film works to some extent for B and C center audiences. This could bring festivals to theaters in cities and towns after a long hibernation in the void caused by a prolonged plague.

In a word, ‘City Mar’ is a sports drama with popular elements. It’s an ordinary masala movie with plenty of ura.

conclusion: Masala ‘flute’


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