Box Office Prediction – Thalaivii (in Hindi) aims to make the most of available theaters (photo credit: Instagram). The national multiplex chain is not opening its doors for a Hindi version of Thalaivii starring Kangana Ranaut due to problems about two weeks ago. OTT release, the movie will actually arrive on very few screens. For now, Maharashtra is closed while most other states have a 50% limit. Also, some states have restrictions on night shows. With only a standalone multiplex and a single screen showing the movie, the number of opening days starring Kangana isn’t very promising.

When Chehre was recently launched, it made about $50 million in its first day. Of course Thalaivii is a much bigger movie, but the lack of a screen is a deterrent. The promotion made a great impression and the first reaction was quite positive. But all you need is a proper presentation and it will influence your plan. It remains to be seen whether Thalaivii’s collection exceeds 50,000,000 on the first day.

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Thalaivii is also available in Tamil and Telugu, and especially in the Tamil version, you can expect much better visitors due to the local flavor. But since this is also a major release in a long time in the South, we’ll have to wait to see how big the first day numbers will be. At other days and times, Thalaivi could have been an event movie, but now it’s probably just a matter of waiting to gauge audience reaction.


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