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After nearly 10 years of waiting, ‘The Devil Part-timer’ is back with season 2! We are all very excited about this news and eagerly waiting for the screen release.

The Devil Parttimer Season 2: Cast, Plot;  Everything so far!

The Devil Part-time Job Season 2 | In relation to

The plot focuses on an all-round protagonist who has already come to our planet from another dimension and must adapt to everyday life in a human-like way. Also known as Madame Hataraku, the devil is a part-timer! In Japanese, like most fantasy series, it is based on Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel series.

The Devil Part-time Job Season 2 | summary

The Devil is a Parttimer Season 2

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It is a story of protagonists who arrive in this world from another dimension and eventually become accustomed to everyday life in the same way as humans. The animated series focuses on the demon lord Satan, who is defeated in the final battle and escapes into the human world through a dimensional gate.

In a world full of people, he does his best to hide his identity under the mask of an ordinary fast food restaurant employee. Trapped in modern Tokyo, Satan longs for his revenge. However, he is powerless in this realm and cannot use his abilities.

As a result, he has to work hard and have a part-time job to survive in this world. If he wants to rule the world, he will have to work to climb the social ladder. During his travels, he meets Emmy, a pseudo-Emilia, who deposed him.

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