Lara Croft’s reputation continues to grow day by day. The protagonist of the ‘Tomb Raider’ trilogy became an icon of the industry and a poster that heralded a new era of 3D games that were blooming at the time. She became so popular that both 2001’s “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and the 2003 sequel, “Cradle of Life,” starring Angelina Jolie, were made into movies.

As a result, in 2013 publisher Square Enix teamed up with developer Crystal Dynamics to launch “Tomb Raider,” a revival of the brand (via PC gamers). As a result, “Tomb Raider” has evolved into the modern series we know and love today.

This means Lara Croft will once again venture into the ever-expanding animation business thanks to the partnership between Netflix and Legendary Television. Netflix hasn’t revealed anything about the release date, cast, or story of the “Tomb Raider” anime so far. It’s worth taking a look at what we know about this new project, as the series will resonate with gamers.

published date

We can expect a full release date in the near future, as Netflix has announced plans to develop a “Tomb Raider” animation in January only through variety. Debate over which actress will voice Lara (more on that later) suggests that Netflix and Legendary are at least halfway through the making of Lara Croft: Guardian of Light. Based on this, the ‘Tomb Raider’ program is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2022 or 2023.

cast member

Just a few months after Netflix announced the upcoming “Tomb Raider” animation, only one member of the “Tomb Raider” voicecast was announced. Of course for the character you expect. According to Variety, Hailey Atwell, known as ‘Captain America’ Peggy Carter, will play Lara in the anime.

It is no exaggeration to say that Atwell is a good match for Lara. A tough, refined and adventurous British woman like Lara Croft is exactly what Atwell could portray in the MCU. For her role in Marvel’s animated “What If…?” series, she also has experience in voice acting. This is possibly the most authentic and enjoyable representation of “Tomb Raider”.

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The “Tomb Raider” anime hasn’t been released on Netflix yet. Star, yes. But as a star who didn’t have to do the whole story alone, followers are anxious about:


As for the plot of the series, fans are eagerly waiting for more information. It is known that the series is scheduled to follow the third game in the reboot series, ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’. However, at the end of that game, Lara remains “neutral”. Unsure of her next adventure, Lara decides on ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ in her lavish home. Anything can happen, and so is the story in animation.

According to Polygon, the series will be written by Tasha Huo, who has worked on many video game-related projects in the past, including “The Witcher: Blood Orange”. Fans may not know exactly what Lara will be doing in the “Tomb Raider” anime, but anyone who writes this can rest assured that they are familiar with the source material. In other words, the ‘Tomb Raider’ animation tries to be as faithful to the video game story as possible. But you have to see how faithful it is and how successful it is.


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