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In order to spark the craze of youth, UluApp is introducing a new web series. Millions of people today are constantly looking for more details about our upcoming web series. So, let me tell you that the title of the sensational web series Hotspot Charr is Charr. The series can be interesting to watch because you’re already seeing names that make you want to watch every episode. Hindi language with web series released only on Ullu OTT platform. Now the details of the upcoming Ullu web series are below, and everyone can know all about it here.

Ullu Original Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series Details, Review, All Episodes

Ullu Original Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series Details

As we all know, the Ullu app always warms up the whole environment by showing you some great web series. We are pleased to announce that the creators of the series have already released an official trailer that will appeal to millions of people across the country. The trailer clearly shows that the web series will have a great storyline and will entertain everyone. Not only that, the cast is also heightening the excitement of the fans. Yes, we see trailers where all the stars in the lead roles are very talented and make an uncompromising scenario very impressive to the audience.

Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series Star Cast

Now everyone knows they’re looking for Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series Star Cast, so it’s named here. Whenever you want to know details about an upcoming romantic web series or other important topic, simply visit our website. Below are the names of the actors.

In addition, UluApp has already launched several web series that are gaining a lot of love and popularity from fans. Speaking of the last web series of the famous OTT giant, the last release of the series was Blue Whale. We have already provided information about this web series, you can also watch all the episodes.


The best part of the web series is now the story. So, the story of the series revolves around the newlyweds. Yes, the web series exclusive trailer begins with a romantic moment between the couple on their honeymoon. The two try to hug each other and have a good time, but the sound of the bed interrupts the happy moments.

Both are completely annoyed by this confusing sound. So the man decides to sell the bed, but his father refuses to sell it. Then the man finds a way to sell the bed through an online app.

Watch and download movies online

Problems arise when he calls the app and finds a man who wants to buy a bed. The man says he has 1 million won. He has 15000 in his account, but the payment has not been completed.

So he has to pay Rs. You send 5000 to him, and the man sends him money. And then he asks for $100,000. 5000 And the man sent it back. Now, when the man asks for 5,000 rupees again, the woman stops him.

Ullu Original Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series Trailer and Release Date

What happens next is very interesting. The genre of the web series is 18+ dramas and everyone is waiting to see the full web series. The Ullu Originals Hotspot Charr Charr web series will be released on September 10, 2021. So, learn more about all social updates and stay up to date.

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