The most anticipated movies in Tamil are ready to entice you with their release. The title of this movie is Thittam Irandu. It is a movie that has gathered a lot of expectations as the trailer for the movie arouses curiosity throughout the viewing. The film was directed by Vignesh Karthick. The genre of the movie is drama. The film is produced by agencies Mini Studios and Sixer Entertainment. The director is concentrating on a story that will surprise the audience.

Thittam Irandu Tamil Movies by OTT Sony LIV

The one-minute trailer will see a policewoman trapped in a murder mystery. It will not be easy for her to solve. There is another girl who is the victim, and she sees a list of life’s problems and shaves her head to look like a boy. Then she will see her marry the man who may have killed her, but who her killer is is a mystery.

Titam Irandu Cast:-

The main character of the film is Aishwarya Rajesh. More on the list including Paval Navageethan, Gokul Anand, Jeeva Ravi, Ananya Ramprasad, Murali Radhakrishnan and Subash Selvam.

Thittam Irandu Release Date & Time:-

The movie Thittam Irandu is scheduled to air on July 30, 2021. The cinematographer is Gokul Benoy and editorial credits go to CS Prem Kumar. The composer for this film is Satish Raghunathan. The honor of the three stories goes to the one and only Vignesh Karthik.

Thittam Irandu streaming platform :-

The streaming platform for the movie is the ott platform Sony Tv Liv.

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Titam Irandu Movie Story :-

This film is also known as Plan B and is in Tamil language. The film’s story is based on a female investigator who does everything in her power to bring justice to her victims and solve the mystery of a murder. The trailer for the film consists of a loss of positive comments and crying thousands of views. The trailer has been well-received by viewers and stay tuned for all Sonoma movie updates and essential details including release dates and streaming platforms.


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