Michael Myers, a psychopathic killer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital, was the protagonist of John Carpenter’s Halloween in 1978. Lori Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), who played Laurie Strode in the new movie, and others have been around for decades. For starters, the 2018 Halloween movie of the new trilogy is a direct sequel to the 1978 photo. That is, you see Rory for the first time since the events of the first movie.

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When Michael (originally Nick Castle, now played by James Jude Courtney) reappeared in 2018, Laurie, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Allison tried to completely liberate the city (Andy Marticek).

People died as a result of Halloween. It takes us to a new point in history and we know there is more to come. A quick recap of everything you need to know about the upcoming movie. To coincide with Halloween, Halloween Kills will be available on October 15th.

The film’s release date has been delayed to 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. A Halloween ending won’t be available until 2022 as the third film in the trilogy has been delayed. Gibbs led by Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak.

Will Patton plays the sheriff who helped the women stop Michael in the first chapter of the new trilogy. In the original 1978 photo, Laurie’s two adults are played by Anthony Michael Hall and Kyle Richards.

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In the 1978 film, Dr. Sam Loomis’ former assistant, Nancy Stephens, also returned to the franchise. Critics received mixed reviews of the Halloween murders after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

On the other hand, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter said, “It’s like a latex horror mask that’s so stretched and out of shape that it doesn’t fit anymore.” After a night of horror, Laurie Strode is recovering in the hospital, where Michael reappears in the Halloween Kills.

A vigilante group is formed to completely eliminate Michael Myers from Haddonfield. However, a third film is in the works, and the story of Laurie and Michael isn’t over yet. Moviegoers can also look forward to the October 15th Halloween Kill.


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