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Hallmark movies always have a fan base. One such movie is Sand Dollar Cove, the latest feature on the Hallmark Channel that aired on June 26th. Anyone who has seen the movie will want to know where Sand Dollar Cove was filmed. In this article we will find the answer. The aesthetic direction of the film and the singing of the romantic drama leave an indelible impression on the viewers. This article covers everything you need to know about this film, including where it was filmed, the cast and other highlights. Sand Dollar Cove is based on the novel of the same name by Nancy Naigle and produced by Synthetic Cinema International. In addition to making this film, they have made numerous other films for Hallmark and Lifetime.

Sand Dollar Cove’s story is about Stamford’s friendly and professional developer Elli, who wants to buy a beachfront home at Sand Dollar Cove. After arriving in Connecticut’s charming seaside town, she falls in love with the area and its owners. The premise of the film may seem very familiar to the public. Location and institution also had an impact on this. That’s why this article takes a look at the locations where Sand Dollar Bay was filmed.

Where was Sand Dollar Cove filmed?  all locations

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The story of the film is about Stamford’s professional developer Elli, who wants to buy a house in Sand Dollar Cove.

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