wind river A 2017 New West murder mystery set on the vibrant plains of a Native American Reservation in Wyoming. A body discovered by a pursuer leads him and an FBI agent on the road, and the mystery eventually uncovers more than just a crime.

Artfully crafted Wind River films depict the lives of people living in this area, often overlooked by the world and scattered with their experiences and very grim circumstances. Can you imagine the mystery of murder if the killer is not human? Investigators seem to do that enough to embarrass FBI agents. know about Wind River Movie.

Movie overview about the Wind River

The Wind River film begins with Jeremy Renner, a local traveler who Cory lives near Lander, Wyoming, who is called to hunt a lion that killed local livestock near the Wind River Reservation. He soon realizes that three lions are limping across the frozen landscape. Instead, about five miles away, the body of a wounded and frozen woman is found, and she sees her as the daughter of her friend Martin.

He called the police chief Ben, who also reported to the FBI. It became clear from the moment Jane lost consciousness when suddenly young FBI agent Elizabeth Olsen arrived on the scene. While the locals were reluctant to work with him, he had to borrow warm clothes as he struggled to adapt to the local army and had to fly to Las Vegas (Wind River), where he was stationed. We also learn that Cory’s daughter Emily died in mysterious circumstances a few years ago.

It was soon revealed that the victim, Natalie, had been raped and eventually fell into ice after running for miles. The coroner determined the cause of death to be pulmonary hemorrhage caused by breathing extremely cold air while working on a cold winter night.

Jane, who can call the FBI team for help without a murder charge, must turn to Cory for help and go with Ben to a nearby house where the body was found, which was a drug dealer. (Wind River) Small gunshots go off in the house while young criminals try to escape, and Natalie’s older brother Chip is one of them. Desperate to hear of her sister’s death, she refers to her boyfriend Matt, who lives near the excavator he works for.

Is Jane Dead?

Jane and Ben, along with a few other members of the local army, head to the ice rink in the private quarters, and Cory heads to the nearby peak overlooking the sled track, where she will be able to find a clue. Jane, who works in the oil industry, learns that Matt has disappeared after an argument with her girlfriend.

When he asked to show the trailer, the employee acted suspiciously, but agreed to bring them in. Along the way, there are tensions and minor disagreements between workers and law enforcement. However, Jane controls the situation and heads to the trailer, where she appears to be sleeping with her roommate Pete.

Meanwhile, Cory stumbles upon a lioness and her cub and discovers the remains of a human nearby. He communicates with Ben by radio, but it is too late. Jane, Ben, and the officers were attacked by the crew who shot them all. Then Cory got to the location and he in turn shot the crew of the rig with his long-range rifle. One of them, Jane Thorne Pete, tries to escape when Corey grabs him and takes him to the top of a nearby hill.

If the chaser receives a confession from a man, he will release him without gloves and boots. Before long, Pete’s legs were frozen and bleeding, and as he tried to escape, he fell into the snow. The film ends with Corey sitting with Martin and the two gazing into the wilderness in the distance. Shortly before the film’s end, Corey sees a hospital visit to Jane, who appears to be injured.

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In painful circles when he smiles, he looks like he has a bad rib. Cory also talks about the bulletproof vest that saved his life. So he was shot at almost close range, but the FBI agent survived. She tells Cory that she is responsible for saving her life, but the latter goes back to the fact that Jane herself is strong and saved her life.

The fate of some of the country’s top police officers is unknown, but one who was shot multiple times nearly died. Wang Ben also falls slowly, but has a chance to recover from his injury. However, given the number of police officers and the number of bullets fired, the chances of survival appear slim.

Who killed Natalie?

After a brief reunion, she sees Natalie visiting her boyfriend on the night of her tragic death after Jane (Wind River) knocks on Matt’s door. The two spent a night of love together, but were interrupted by another league staff member who returned drunk. Matt’s roommate Pete continues to annoy Natalie, behaving indecently on Natalie, and even trying to take her blanket off. Until Matt loses control and hits Pete.

A riot broke out in which a group of men beat Matt and Pete raped Natalie. Matt distracts the men and makes Natalie run away. According to Cory, who found her body, Natalie ran four miles barefoot. [6 km], before she faints and dies, breathing in too much cold air in the harsh winter cold, and constantly glistening blood filling her lungs. river of wind.

Matt was the prime suspect, but eventually turned out to be the victim. He was beaten by his colleagues, and Pete later confessed to Corey that they had beaten the man to death. Although not specifically mentioned, it is said that the bones Cory saw outside the lions’ den belong to Matt.

After killing him, the man (Wind River) apparently took his body to a cage (his trail saw Cory) and dumped his body somewhere on a nearby hill, where the doe and her cubs found and ate it. Cory said to Badi, but it was too late because the league staff chose the same moment to attack the legal team.

What about Pete?

Pete (Wind River), who lives with Matt, creates a situation that kills Matt, Natalie, the police, and Rigger, and is eventually captured by Cory. The film conveys a powerful hidden message that, despite Jane being an FBI agent, explicitly allows Cory to kill Pete instead of keeping it alive.

This is in line with the will of Natalie’s father Martin, who instructed Cory to shoot the man responsible for her daughter’s death, all fitting the character of Corey’s over and over again as a ‘hunter’.

Piet also runs in a very proper way. Cory takes him to the top of Wyoming’s highest mountain, Gannett Peak, and gives him a chance to survive if he confesses to a crime. When Pete confesses that he raped Natalie and killed Matt, the man’s bond is broken and he is released.

But without boots or gloves, Pete gets snowed quickly. Corey says Natalie walked six miles. [6 km] It was cold and the feet couldn’t go more than 600 feet. [6 m]. In fact, after a short run, Pete collapses and begins to vomit blood, killing her lungs with cold breath like Natalie. wind river.


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