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The ongoing domestic violence case between Yo Yo Honey Singh and his estranged wife, Shalini Talwar, has been eye-catching for quite some time. It all started after Shalini accused the singer and his family of assaulting her mentally and physically. Now, the latest developments in the case suggest that on Tuesday (September 28) a Delhi court ordered an in-camera hearing of the case with the consent of the singer and his wife.

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According to Indian Express news reports, Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh passed the order after obtaining the consent of both parties. The report cited the judgment, saying, “The possibility of reconciliation cannot be ruled out even in the slightest bit.” Yo Yo Honey Singh was represented by his advocate Rebecca John and his parents by advocate Karan Govel. Meanwhile, his estranged wife Shalini Talwar was represented by Sandeep Kapur, senior partners Karanjawala & Company, Apurva Pandey and GG Kashyap. It is known that the wife of the ‘Blue Eyes’ singer has demanded damages of 20 million rupees (about 200 billion won) in accordance with the Women’s Protection Act from Domestic Violence.

Yo Yo Honey Singh's wife Shalini Talwar says the singer and his family treated her like a 'farm animal'.Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar says she was treated like a ‘farm animal’ by the singer and his family.

Meanwhile, in a previous news report from PTI, Shalini Talwar alleges that she was ‘treated as cruel as farm animals from here to there’ by her husband and his family. Shalini also said her husband and his family would beat her and threaten her with bodily harm. She also added that the ‘Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani’ singer’s family had physically assaulted her in the past 10 years and that she had hurt them physically and mentally.

Yo Yo Honey Singh makes an official statement following his wife's allegations and claims it's false.Yo Yo Honey Singh Releases Official Statement About Wife’s Allegations, Says It’s False

In addition, Shalini Talwar made the shocking claim that her husband was trying to hide her marriage from the public eye. She revealed that her husband didn’t wear a wedding ring, began to become close with several other women, and once beat her for thinking she might have released her wedding photos. The singer’s estranged wife claimed that her father-in-law once got drunk and tried to get into her room and touch her breasts while changing clothes.

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