Walmart PS5 Preorders Are Doing Some Weird Things

No, you probably aren’t getting a $377 discount on your brand-new PS5.

Some Gamers are MAD at PS5! Pre-Order MESS and BAD Graphics?

Yesterday we got some major news on the PlayStation 5 directly from Sony but this also started a huge mess of pre-orders, stores selling out, and debates about graphics. Lets talk about that!

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In this DreamcastGuy rant we look at the discussion around the graphics of PlayStation 5 games like Spiderman Miles Morales vs Spider-man on PS4 Pro and see if these upgrades are really that big of a deal. Now that we know that games like Spider-man, Horizon Forbidden West, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be coming to next gen and current get consoles. Also we talk about the mess of PlayStation 5 Preorders selling out from Gamestop, walmart, Target, and Amazon super fast despite the fact that Sony directly said they would not surprise launch preorders.

What Exactly Are Video Game Pre-Orders?

A lot of people seem confused with how video game pre-orders work so let me help clear the air on what they are and if you should participate in them.
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Walmart Screwed Me On My Pre-Order

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Pre-Ordering A PS5 From Walmart Is A Complete Joke. Let’s discuss.

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